Mind blown by a lie

Last meeting, I entered class and we were about to watch a video from the show Penn and Teller’s Bullshit! Before watching the video, i was handed a paper to sign for a petition banning Dihydrogen Monoxide. I did not know what it was so i just signed it thinking that it was a bad chemical of some sort. When we started watching the video I did not know that it was about that so called chemical. While watching the video, we all realized that we had been tricked into signing a petition for banning H2O; I then analyzed H2O and i was like “wait, thats dihydrogen monoxide” I can’t believe that people in the video were for the environment and into stopping pollution and all that but they did not know the other term for water. They claim to know a lot about the environment and help to keep it clean but even something as simple as water they did not know the term, so why should we believe what they are fighting for. 

People believe what they hear so easily especially if what they say is really convincing and if big words are used, they tend to think that because they do not know what it is that person telling them about it knows more than them but in reality they are just being convinced. Rumors are the same as misinformation, because the real story is sometimes changed because it is passed on from one person to another. In our lessons before it was mentioned that the monitors of computers emitted radiation and people believed it right away without any research themselves. As human beings i think that we trust too much and I think that we should learn to stop and think and research for ourselves and not just rely on others. 

People always lie, we have the power to and we sometimes abuse it.


Simplicity at its finest

I’ve always liked the simple things because to me making things simple is complicated. Try explaining something very complicated so someone in a simple way, its hard isn’t it? It takes a lot of effort to make something look very sleek and simple. In class last tuesday, we talked about the importance of web design. Some people think that making their website so eye-catching will attract visitors to view their website, well they are wrong. Too much is too bad. I myself have been to some websites wherein their designs are really nice but I noticed that I do not go back to that website anymore, I noticed that when my professor mentioned it. He was right when he said that because a website has a lot photos, flash, and etc. it makes the website pop up slower because it is loading a lot of content. 

When we talked about google, my professor pointed out that it was just a simple design but people still visit it everyday. They try to not make it look complicated like other websites. Being simple is good because that is one of the hard things to do. In the future, if ever I will make a website for my future business; i will know what to do and what not to do. Keeping it at a certain boundary is good and it makes things easier for the visitor. 

Pirates of the Internet

Piracy has been around for a very long time, governments have been trying to stop it but they still can’t. In all honesty, I download tons of files from the Internet especially music, tv shows and movies. You know why I do this, it’s because I won’t have to pay anything. Buying original movies are expensive especially if it’s a blu-ray, and when I buy these movies I’ll just watch it once? I’ll lose around a thousand pesos? I’d rather download it and look for a 1080p file of the movie and all I have to do is wait a few hours. 

I know downloading is “bad” in some way because companies lose money because of downloading. Torrent has been very useful to me and what I think music companies should do is go into business with these torrent sites and maybe just ask a yearly fee and then you can download as much as you want. If they really want to get rid of piracy then they should sell their products at a low price. 

Into the future

First of all I would just want to sat that I’m so frustrated witouch Internet provider since for a week now my Internet has been slow and it does not work now. I’ve called a few times and they said they’d fix it but still no response from their team. Hassle. 

My title is into the future because the last presenters presented futuristic gadgets, like the augmented reality and theluggage tracker. These gadgets seem really great to have but while we are evolving with technology is the environment growing with us? I think that we should think of other ways to improve mother nature to benefit us and our future. We keep on cutting down trees to make room for cities, buildings etc. we should help our environment evolve with us as well for us to live a clean and green life. 

Government issues

Most of the topics that were discussed last meeting revolved around public transportation, safety issues and etc. I was the first presenter last meeting and my idea was using an RFID on cars. RFID meaning radio frequency identification, it is commonly used on livestock and keeping an eye on their movement. I proposed that this technology be put on vehicles in our country so that if you disobey the rules and regulations you can be caught right away because if this technology.

The best idea I saw was Jules Rona’s idea, it was about public transportation. To me, some people do not commute because it is not as safe and it is a hassle to commute, not organized and all that. He suggested a technology I have seen in hong kong, it is called the octopus. It had the same idea that the card can be loaded and used to pay when you commute. It can also be used when bustore items at a convenience store and some shops. 

For me the CCTV idea is not going to wothe because what can a camera do? All it can do is identify the criminals but what if they cover themselves up and destroy the camera? Then that area would have nothing to protect them. What I’m trying to say is that a camera is camera and it can’t do anything right away when crime happens. 

Problems and solutions

We were asked by our professor to think of solutions on how to fix problems of our country. The first presentation was about a device on the cones on highways to warn drivers about the upcoming road work ahead. It will warn drivers through a radio emitted cone to switch lanes. This causes traffic because the road will turn into a bottle neck which is also dangerous. I really like the presenters idea because I can see this product being introduced in the future and it is really helpful for drivers on the road. 

The second presentation was about a one sim per person. The presenter wants to fix the problem of prank texters, callers and unknown numbers. He proposes one sim card per person that disregards the telecommunication companies and makes it into a monopoly. His idea was a good idea but I don’t think it’s a problem that needs to be fixed now, there are much worst problems than this but I get how he wants to fix this predicament. 

Websites (Nov. 12)

We were asked to answer 3 questions in class, what websites were our favorite, what we wanted to be accessible on the Internetwhat if we were to make a website what would it be. I shared my idea on what website I would make that would be helpful and earn me money in the future. I thought of making a website for “foodies” people who just love eating out and looking for the best. There is a similar website called munchpunch but in my idea it’s not reviews it’s logo’s of the restaurants, prices, locations and of course promos. It’s not a well thought Idea but I think it will work in the future but it just needs more thought into it. 

Viruses (Nov. 5)

Whenever my laptop gets a virus, I always bring it to the computer shop to have it fixed. The technician who always fixes my laptop always formats it, and I did not know that there were other ways to fix it. Since we talked about viruses, worms, Trojan horses and time bombs in class, I have learned so much about these things. Knowing what to do and what not to do have given me an advantage over those stores who take advantage of their customers who do not know much about computers. 

I always thought that these viruses occurred because of the files I download off the Internet, but the truth is that people or programmers make these so called viruses. I do not know why they do this but it is such an inconvenience for people since it messes up their files and we have to spend to have it fixed. 

Intrict blog October 8

Our topic for today was databases! We discussed the softwares used for databases. There are MYSQL, oracle, Ms-access and etc. These softwares are usually used by businesses to keep track of their customers and inventory. Having databases are really important because it organizes information that can be retrieved anytime for further use. There are types of systems like inventory system, accounting system, enrollment system and registration system. These are what the softwares can do for you and give you a system to make things easier.

Intrict blog October 3

What we discussed in class was about software. There is a category in software called freeware, wherein you do not need to buy the software anymore but you can just download it for free from the Internet. We also talked about operating system. Such as the OS for apple and the jellybean for android. What’s bad about the OS for apple is that it isn’t compatible with any other device except for apple products. The android on the other hand is better since it can be versatile and it is compatible with any device.