What we learned the other day in our Intrict class was about the hard drives, RAM and the processor. We were shown the price list of certain parts, which to me is important because now we all know how much a certain part is and we won’t be tricked by vendors. We then talked about the floppy disk and other kinds of drives such as the zip and jaz drive. The memory of the floppy disks were so low before and now instead of floppy disks, we use CD’s like DVD-R, DVD-RW and these have larger memory. We use these Cd’s for storing lots of memories and now we use it for watching movies and now the highest memory and the clearest is called blu-ray. After lacking about those parts we started talking of external accessories of a computer. USB was mentioned, USB is the port and flash drive is what we call USB. As of now we are still learning about the computer and getting the hang of it.