Most of the topics that were discussed last meeting revolved around public transportation, safety issues and etc. I was the first presenter last meeting and my idea was using an RFID on cars. RFID meaning radio frequency identification, it is commonly used on livestock and keeping an eye on their movement. I proposed that this technology be put on vehicles in our country so that if you disobey the rules and regulations you can be caught right away because if this technology.

The best idea I saw was Jules Rona’s idea, it was about public transportation. To me, some people do not commute because it is not as safe and it is a hassle to commute, not organized and all that. He suggested a technology I have seen in hong kong, it is called the octopus. It had the same idea that the card can be loaded and used to pay when you commute. It can also be used when bustore items at a convenience store and some shops. 

For me the CCTV idea is not going to wothe because what can a camera do? All it can do is identify the criminals but what if they cover themselves up and destroy the camera? Then that area would have nothing to protect them. What I’m trying to say is that a camera is camera and it can’t do anything right away when crime happens.