Piracy has been around for a very long time, governments have been trying to stop it but they still can’t. In all honesty, I download tons of files from the Internet especially music, tv shows and movies. You know why I do this, it’s because I won’t have to pay anything. Buying original movies are expensive especially if it’s a blu-ray, and when I buy these movies I’ll just watch it once? I’ll lose around a thousand pesos? I’d rather download it and look for a 1080p file of the movie and all I have to do is wait a few hours. 

I know downloading is “bad” in some way because companies lose money because of downloading. Torrent has been very useful to me and what I think music companies should do is go into business with these torrent sites and maybe just ask a yearly fee and then you can download as much as you want. If they really want to get rid of piracy then they should sell their products at a low price.