Last meeting, I entered class and we were about to watch a video from the show Penn and Teller’s Bullshit! Before watching the video, i was handed a paper to sign for a petition banning Dihydrogen Monoxide. I did not know what it was so i just signed it thinking that it was a bad chemical of some sort. When we started watching the video I did not know that it was about that so called chemical. While watching the video, we all realized that we had been tricked into signing a petition for banning H2O; I then analyzed H2O and i was like “wait, thats dihydrogen monoxide” I can’t believe that people in the video were for the environment and into stopping pollution and all that but they did not know the other term for water. They claim to know a lot about the environment and help to keep it clean but even something as simple as water they did not know the term, so why should we believe what they are fighting for. 

People believe what they hear so easily especially if what they say is really convincing and if big words are used, they tend to think that because they do not know what it is that person telling them about it knows more than them but in reality they are just being convinced. Rumors are the same as misinformation, because the real story is sometimes changed because it is passed on from one person to another. In our lessons before it was mentioned that the monitors of computers emitted radiation and people believed it right away without any research themselves. As human beings i think that we trust too much and I think that we should learn to stop and think and research for ourselves and not just rely on others. 

People always lie, we have the power to and we sometimes abuse it.