I’ve always liked the simple things because to me making things simple is complicated. Try explaining something very complicated so someone in a simple way, its hard isn’t it? It takes a lot of effort to make something look very sleek and simple. In class last tuesday, we talked about the importance of web design. Some people think that making their website so eye-catching will attract visitors to view their website, well they are wrong. Too much is too bad. I myself have been to some websites wherein their designs are really nice but I noticed that I do not go back to that website anymore, I noticed that when my professor mentioned it. He was right when he said that because a website has a lot photos, flash, and etc. it makes the website pop up slower because it is loading a lot of content. 

When we talked about google, my professor pointed out that it was just a simple design but people still visit it everyday. They try to not make it look complicated like other websites. Being simple is good because that is one of the hard things to do. In the future, if ever I will make a website for my future business; i will know what to do and what not to do. Keeping it at a certain boundary is good and it makes things easier for the visitor.